Handmade Natural Aromatherapy Relief For Humans and Horses

Made with Dried Flowers and Essential Oils, Peaceful Wraps Are Made with Reiki Hands

Peaceful Wraps are handmade, scented hot/cold aromatherapy wraps offered in various sizes and materials for use in soothing pain, especially for knees, wrists, ankles, necks and backs or simply for relaxation and stress relief.

Peaceful Warmers for Horses (Trademark Pending) are a one-of-a-kind natural pain and relaxation therapy for a horse’s back muscles before and after horse riding.  The three piece set is engineered and tested on horses.  They love the lavender scent and the warmth or coolness as it is placed on their back.  Easy to store. Easy to transport. Easy to wash.

Peaceful Wraps Products at a Glance

Peaceful Warmers - Peaceful Warmers for Horses

These are not machine manufactured items.  You will not find wraps that smell like Peaceful Wraps because the base combination inside consists of 8 essential oils and dried lavender and mint. Customers choose additional oils or create their own combinations.

Checks and credit card payments via PayPal accepted. If you don’t see what you need, just ask me. Most of my orders are custom requests.

As Seen on TV

The Radnor 21 TV video begins with the video trailer and concludes with the longer version that demonstrates the Peaceful Warmer for Horses with more detail. Filming of the demo was done at Safe Haven Equine, located in Perkasie, PA, where ex-racehorses are sent for rehab, training for new careers and adoption through a partnership with Turning for Home and PARX racetrack.

30 Minute TV Interview on YouTube

Take a Seat and Relax…Do You Have a Story About Peaceful Wraps?

Peaceful Wraps experiments with various ideas. Many customers are actively involved with testing ideas and providing their feedback so that improvements might be made.

Do you have a story to tell about your Peaceful Wrap?


(This is my front porch.)

Please let me know your experiences with any Peaceful Wrap Product

Dear Peaceful Wraps....

“Tried my new peaceful wrap for the first time today and I am so happy with it! Sometimes my lower back will hurt and I will break out my grandma’s trusty heating pad, the kind made in the 80s before they realized they needed safety features to stop it from getting so hot it will literally burn you. Unfortunately I have never found a new heating pad that gets hot enough to replace my grandma’s (which is rather sketchy looking and will probably burn my house down one day). That was all until I tried my Peaceful wrap today! I put it in for 2 minutes on high in the microwave and took it out and put it behind my back while I edited tonight. I can’t believe how hot it got and how it still retains the heat 2 hours later. Looks like I will officially be retiring grandma’s heating pad! Love my peaceful wrap”.

T. E.


“Thanks so much Kim for your beautiful handmade headbands, eye covers and lavender filled wraps! I gave them out at Easter to my sister, children and nieces and they all loved them! My whole car smelled so good when I left your house I didn’t want to take them out. My sister put the headband on and wore it for Easter dinner. Thanks again for all your hard work and wonderful gifts!”

P. G.

“I had the pleasure of wearing a Peaceful Wraps headband during one of my weekly long runs. I highly recommend them. As a marathoner, I’m out running on the weekends sometimes for over 3 hour stretches. It’s a long, sweaty morning during most runs. Recently, I ran with a wonderful lavender filled headband that stood up to the challenge of a 20 mile run. Even after sweating so much I lost nearly 10 pounds during the run, the headband kept the sweat out of my eyes. Multiple times during the run, a breeze would come by and my nose would fill with the fresh scent of lavender. After the run, the headband dried out quickly and smelled great, ready for the next run. I put a lot of running gear to the test, but not everything gets high marks. If you run, bike or even just garden outside for hours at a time, consider a Peaceful Wrap. It’s “scent”-sational. -“

D. L.

Marathon Runner

“I received my peaceful wraps several months ago. They came at a time when I was dealing with back pains. They worked very well and smelled great too. Now I use them on my ankles just to keep them pain free. I would recommend this item to anyone who wants relief from the aches and pains of growing older!!

D. D,


You can also order directly from my Etsy Shop:

Can I sell them from my shop?

Yes. Let me know of your interest and we can work this out so that you receive a nice commission on every sale you make.

How Are Peaceful Wraps Different?

How Are Peaceful Wraps Different?

It is easy to make a simple wrap that is tossed into a microwave or freezer. I set out to create a different experience.  While mass manufactured heat wraps are made with industrial machines and may or may not be scented, mine are made one by one by myself, often...

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