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Exploring the World of Rope and Knots

Posted in Macrame, and Peaceful Wraps News

Once again, I fell into an opportunity to explore my creative side. This time it’s with macrame, which I had learned in the 1980’s.

My daughter and I were browsing a local crafting event and someone had brought macrame items to sell. Instantly my bells went off, and my daughter insisted I make some things. The first item I made was a wall hanging from jute twine mixed with peacock feathers that I thought nobody would like. It turned out to be a favorite on my Facebook pages.

Peacock feather macrame

I made macrame curtains for the bedroom, and the house quickly turned into a macrame gallery. Today’s styles are less twine and jute and more of the white soft cotton twisted rope for a lace-like, graceful appearance.

In the process of re-learning an old hobby, I advanced to new patterns and knots. It took several weeks to understand the different types of rope and twine, thickness and what works best for what project, and that tension and angles are important. I lean towards the most expensive soft specialized cotton rope but have a stockpile of a variety of ropes.  My family hunts for odds and ends that can be recycled into projects.

I like to add feathers found at a friend’s horse stable that has chickens, turkeys and peacocks that freely roam the place and drop their feathers.  It’s also fun to look for trinkets, beads and pieces of jewelry.  One of my wall hangings has an actual working stop watch worked into it.

Along with adding macrame to my Etsy and Amazon shops, I was invited to participate at Per Diam, in Perkasie, where I will have a table set up to sell peaceful wraps and macrame items.

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