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Peaceful Warmers for Horses

Be the first horse person to show how dedicated you are to your horse’s well being by offering a Peaceful Warmer for Horses. There is nothing like them available anywhere. They are truly unique and one of a kind.

Early prototypes of peaceful warmers for horses
Matching 3 pieces.

These are later prototypes of Peaceful Warmers for Horses that were donated to help raise funds for local horse organizations.

Peaceful Warmers for Horses are a one-of-a-kind natural pain and relaxation therapy for a horse’s back muscles before and after horse riding.  They have been tested for weight, size, durability, heat retention and ease of use.

Ask for you own here.  They are now a 2 piece set offered at $60.

Close up of warmer

The New Design

Light weight, elegant, durable, with a washable outer cover, the new Peaceful Warmer for Horses can be placed anywhere on your horse’s back to soothe tired muscles.  They stay on when your horse shifts and sways.  They love the light scent of lavender, which seems to provide additional relaxation.

I always offer the warmer to the horse to investigate first.  While offering reiki the warmer sits on the spine. It can be placed there during grooming sessions and in the cold weather, on the loins while tacking up to warm up the muscles before a ride.

Peaceful Warmer on a horse